The most reliable and adapted elevation and scenery changing systems for the show, art and culture industry

A venue for plays, shows or conferences in front of an audience needs to be modular and multi-purpose Moving scenery, raising platforms, stages, configuring audience seating, transporting equipment using a service elevator or a truck elevator ; whether for a new or refurbished venue, you need an elevation and load moving system that combines flexibility, safety, reliability and durability.

SERAPID, the creator and manufacturer of Rigid Chain Technology SERAPID has been catering to the requirements of theatre professionals for almost 20 years.
Based on this original product, SERAPID solutions adapt to your specific environment and constraints. They take into account the standards to comply with noise, speed and vibration imperatives. SERAPID is continuously optimising the reduction in its technology's sound levels.
Show venues, operas and theatres, cruise ships, multi-function spaces, museums, shopping malls, congress centres, universities; today over 1000 sites are equipped with the SERAPID LinkLift solution.