SERAPID has been designing and producing mechanical actuators and meeting the needs of engineers for 45 years to provide vertical and horizontal movement of heavy loads and quick changing of dies.

SERAPID is the creator and manufacturer of the purely mechanical rigid chain, of quick die eXchange solutions (QDX) and other special mechanical drive solutions.
Meet the needs of professionals in industry in the two following activities:
• the horizontal and vertical transfer of loads;
• quick die changes for presses and “non cutting shaping” machines;

SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology is a true alternative to traditional mechanical and hydraulic solutions.

The SERAPID compact, telescopic, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly solution is based on simple mechanics requiring little maintenance. These strengths give it an undisputed reliability and sustainability.
Supported by our 45 years of application experience, we can design bespoke solutions to meet your requirements, whether you need to:
• push / pull, raise or move a load;
• clamp, roll or transport a die.

Our teams are attentive to all your projects so that they can propose the most suitable and effective solutions.
Our specific systems can be integrated with SMED solutions (Single Minute Exchange of Die)/ Lean Manufacturing.

You find us in : automotive, aerospace, energy, press / forge, thermal treatment, medical, …