Complex environments and access issues can make the movement and parking of light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, or the loading and unloading of goods, difficult.

SERAPID Rigid Chain solutions are a true alternative to traditional lifting technology.

Often lift systems are required for the smallest of spaces, hidden within an existing building or space that offers restrictive access.

It is challenges such as these - parking solutions for light vehicles, lifting heavy good trucks or finding ways to solve loading and unloading issues - that SERAPID’s technology comes into its own. The environmentally friendly, compact, electro-mechanical LinkLift technology is ideal for integration into limited spaces. Certified by EU Lift Directive 2014:33 EC and EN81:20/50/31/41, the rigid chain non-hydraulic solution is robust, low maintenance, highly reliable and machine roomless, with just a shallow pit needed for it to operate.

It’s perhaps not surprising then that SERAPID’s LinkLift system is the number one choice of movement solution in the market today.