The leader in heavy load transfer

SERAPID is the creator of rigid chain technology and design and has been manufacturing telescopic mechanical jacks meeting the requirements of professionals for over 40 years for the horizontal and vertical movement of heavy loads and quick die changing for presses. Experience that combines manufacturing quality, technical know-how, daring and creative talent. Choosing rigid chain technology brings unmeasurable added value to your projects in terms of performance and reliability.

SERAPID offer a range of standard products and supplies bespoke solutions that may be designed for a specific need or for a repeated need, in order to solve complex load elevation or transfer issues.
The rigid chain, which is unique in its design and performances, offers many application possibilities. SERAPID supplies two major markets, construction and industry.



stage scenery equipment, multifunctional venues and architecture

The leader in scenery movement for theatres, show halls or cruise ships, SERAPID offers stage, orchestra platform elevation solutions and horizontal scenery movement. Several technical possibilities have also been developed to change the configuration of multi-functional venues.
SERAPID also offers architects and construction engineers solutions to move structural elements (walls, roofs, stands, etc.), elevators and service lifts and opens the field of possibilities thanks to ever increasing performances.


horizontal and vertical load transfer systems and quick die changes

The SERAPID rigid chain is a reliable and durable alternative to hydraulics for the automobile, aeronautics, nuclear and medical sectors, offering compact, accurate, telescopic linear actuators that can withstand severe working conditions while requiring little maintenance.

For press or thermal treatment furnace designers and users SERAPID offers a complete die change programme called QDX, Quick Die Xchange, to clamp, roll and transport dies. SERAPID QDX solutions make it possible to secure your installations, save time when changing dies, and optimise your productivity.


SERAPID regularly develops new products and permanently optimises its catalogue range. SERAPID is constantly innovating and relies on its R&D department to constantly maintain and extend its expertise.

Our design office offers adapted or bespoke solutions to meet the challenges of the most audacious projects.


SERAPID accompanies clients throughout their projects. Depending on needs, our engineering department studies, alters and integrates our products to fulfil client requirements.

If necessary, SERAPID can propose installation assistance, post installation validation or, in special cases, complete installation. We set up on-demand training sessions covering the operation and maintenance of our products.


Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the top priority for all our employees. We are attentive to needs and strive to build a trusting relationship by providing quality service and tailored project follow-up.


Our technical and applied expertise acquired over 40 years of experience are used to develop ever higher performance and increasingly safer solutions. Our professionalism and commitment are acknowledged through the projects we are awarded.


Our capacity to innovate and our entrepreneurial spirit are essential to perfect and permanently improve our products and solutions. Innovation thus allows us to provide creative answers to the most audacious projects.


Loving what you do is essential. Passion drives dynamism, it is communicative and is shared. It also makes it possible to push limits further at all levels of the business, changing ideas into reality.


Our employees cultivate what we call the "can do", the "yes, it's possible". Beyond know-how and professionalism, project management must be undertaken with human qualities, where respect, humility, attentiveness and tenacity are the keys to a successful mission.

Team spirit

The dedication and professionalism of the Serapid team, both in the UK and France, will bring solid technical expertise to resolve what may seem the most impossible of undertakings.



SERAPID is a French business created in 1972. It designs and manufactures technology to move and transfer heavy loads: Rigid Chain Technology (RCT). From the start, the business designed products and bespoke solutions to solve problems encountered by the automobile industry, then the nuclear and aeronautical industries by offering precision, compactness and reliability.


In the 1980s it extended its activity throughout Europe and the United States. In parallel to its geographic expansion, SERAPID adapted, innovated and evolved its product for new market.


In 1996 SERAPID introduced RCT to theatre and show professionals. The LinkLift product was designed to meet scenery movement needs. Today over 1000 sites all over the world use this technology to move stages and platforms.


In 2009 SERAPID developed RigiBelt, a totally amagnetic belt designed for medical and pharmaceutical applications.


Since 2014 SERAPID has been using its skills to develop solutions to problems that are specific to kinetic architecture. When moving a structural element such as a wall or a roof, raising or lowering a truck, a car or goods, Building DynamicS (BDS) offers a range of solutions specific to reconfiguring infrastructures and buildings.

SERAPID is permanently improving its product catalogue and proposes adapted and bespoke solutions for the most audacious projects.
The driving force behind the SERAPID team for over 40 years has been to be able to accompany the client in all the phases of their project to give them satisfaction.

Export development, continuous innovation, the conquest of new markets today make SERAPID one of the main global suppliers in load movement.


Quality System certification


Certification renewal ISO 9001 - 2008.

Quality is at the heart of SERAPID's concerns. All the elements composing SERAPID products and solutions are designed by our Design Office which has taken out many patents over the part 40 years.

Subcontractors are rigorously selected and regularly inspected. The materials are selected and tested to meet the usage and environmental requirements the finished product is to meet. The production technology used guarantees the best accuracy to the nearest hundredth or millimetre. The rigour used in the design of our products gives an exceptional service life to our systems of up to 40 years.

Each product assembled on our shop floor is unit tested before shipping.

Our two French sites (Londinières and Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles) as well as our German site (Mergentheim) meet the requirements of ISO 9001 - 2008 standard.

We are proud to count the top names in the automobile, aeronautics, nuclear or scenery management industry amongst our clients. The trust and loyalty of our clients, whatever their sector of activity, confirms the quality and reliability of our products and services every day. 


Product certification


SERAPID is committed to safety and will provide customers the best possible solutions. In this context, the examination type for the vertical chain drive system (as partly completed machine) was renewed in accordance with :

  • Lifts Directive 2014/33/UE and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Standards NF EN 81-31:2010, NF EN 81-20:2014, NF EN 81-50:2014, DIN 56950-1:2012-05