The leader in the transfer of heavy loads

SERAPID, creators of the original Rigid Chain Technology, designs and manufactures telescopic mechanical actuators for the horizontal and vertical movement of heavy loads.

At SERAPID, we have been meeting the needs of industrial professionals for more than 40 years with a combination of manufacturing quality, technical know-how, innovation and creative talent. We offer a wide range of products and tailor-made solutions for solving complex elevation and load transfer problems. Choosing Rigid Chain Technology means adding significant value to your projects in terms of performance and reliability.

SERAPID serves two principal markets, building and industry.



Stage equipment, multifunctional venues and architecture

SERAPID is a leader in stage movement for theatres, auditoriums, performance venues and cruise ships; offering solutions for stage lifts, orchestra lifts and scenery movement.
We offer innovative systems for configuring multifunctional rooms.
SERAPID also offers architects and building engineers solutions for the displacement of structural elements such as walls, roofs, elevators and hoists ; opening a field of possibilities in building design.


Quick die change, horizontal and vertical load transfer systems

The SERAPID Rigid Chain is a reliable and durable alternative to hydraulics. It is compact, precise and telescopic, uses no fluids and is very low maintenance. Industries that use our products include energy producers, metal forming operations, medical equipment manufacturers, aerospace and defence.

For the metal form industry, SERAPID offers a complete programme of rapid die change: QDX, or Quick Die Xchange, for clamping, transfer and transport of dies. SERAPID QDX solutions make it possible to save time when changing tools, and thereby optimise your productivity.


Serapid has a longstanding commitment to continued innovation in product design as well as providing leadership in the advancement of engineering practices worldwide. This investment in R&D is reflected, not only in our catalogue range, but also in the expertise we bring to finding the best engineering solution to our customer’s projects.


SERAPID accompanies the client throughout its project; from the initial consultation to define the problem, installation and validation as required by the customer.
Our engineering department studies, modifies and integrates our products to meet customer needs. We test our systems to meet the requirements of the project or industry and we offer training on the operation and maintenance of our products.


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority of all our employees. Listening to needs, we strive to build a relationship of trust by offering a quality service and a personalised follow-up of the projects.


The technological and application expertise that results from 40 years of experience allows us to develop more efficient and safe solutions. Our reputation is built every day by the results of the projects entrusted to us.


Our ability to innovate and our entrepreneurial spirit are essential to perfect and continuously improve our products and solutions. Innovation allows us to respond to the most daring projects with creativity.


Loving what you do is essential. Passion is an engine of dynamism, it is communicative, and it is shared. It allows us to go beyond the limits, at all levels of the company, to turn ideas into reality.

The know-how

Our employees cultivate what we call the "can do", the "yes, it is possible". Beyond the know-how and professionalism, the management of a project approaches with human qualities, where respect, humility, listening and tenacity are the key to a successful mission.

Team spirit

Because a team is always more than a sum of individuals, collective work allows us to imagine and design the best solutions. We develop team spirit, solidarity, sharing ideas and know-how.



SERAPID was founded in Dieppe, France. It developed a technology for the movement of heavy loads, Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), offering unequalled precision, compactness and reliability. From the outset, the company designed products and tailor-made solutions to solve the problems of automotive manufacturers, and then quickly expanded into the nuclear and aerospace markets.


In the 1980s SERAPID expanded its activity throughout Europe and the United States. In parallel to its geographic expansion, SERAPID adapted, innovated and evolved its product for new markets.


In 1996 SERAPID introduced its LinkLift product, specially designed to meet the needs of theatre and performance venues. Today over 1 000 sites all over the world use this technology to move stages and platforms.


In 2009 SERAPID developed the RigiBelt, a non-metallic belt designed for medical applications.


SERAPID relied on its expertise to develop solutions related to problems specific to kinetic architecture, or Building Dynamics. Moving a structural element such as a wall or roof, raising or lowering a truck, car or goods, Building Dynamics (BDS) opens a field of possibilities for building design.


Quality System certification


Certification renewal ISO 9001 - 2008.

Quality is at the heart of SERAPID's concerns. All the elements composing SERAPID products and solutions are designed by our Design Office which has taken out many patents over the past 40 years.

Subcontractors are rigorously selected and regularly inspected. The materials are selected and tested to meet the usage and environmental requirements the finished product is to meet. The production technology used guarantees the best accuracy to the nearest hundredth or millimetre. The rigour used in the design of our products gives an exceptional service life to our systems of up to 40 years.

Each product assembled on our shop floor is unit tested before shipping.

Our two French sites (Londinières and Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles) as well as our German site (Mergentheim) meet the requirements of ISO 9001 - 2008 standard.

We are proud to count the top names in the automobile, aeronautics, nuclear or scenery management industry amongst our clients. The trust and loyalty of our clients, whatever their sector of activity, confirms the quality and reliability of our products and services every day. 


Product certification


SERAPID is committed to safety and will provide customers the best possible solutions. In this context, the examination type for the vertical chain drive system (as partly completed machine) was renewed in accordance with:

  • Lifts Directive 2014/33/UE and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Standards NF EN 81-31:2010, NF EN 81-20:2014, NF EN 81-50:2014, DIN 56950-1:2012-05