Retractable roof : configuring a roof depending on events

Campo Pequeno Arenas - Lisbon, Portugal

The Campo Pequeno arena were built in 1892 and are an essential feature of Lisbon's architectural landscape. In 2000 a renovation programme was implemented to give a new lease of life to this historic location which had fallen into disrepair.
The objective of this renovation, beyond bullfighting, was to be able to host other events, concerts and shows. The central 36 metre diameter part of the roof is comprised of 8 segments, each weighing 7 tonnes.

The SERAPID LinearBeam actuator was chosen to move these segments. Designed to move heavy loads, the SERAPID rigid chain makes it possible to move and accurately position elements weighing several tonnes. The reliable and robust push-pull system was adapted to operate in an outdoor environment.

Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) makes it possible to think outside the box! It is robust and compact and adapts to all configurations. It can be used to move structural elements weighing several tonnes over long distances.
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Renewal Society Campo Pequeno Urban (SRUCP)
Architect: Entreplanos, Lda
General Contractor: SOPOL, SA