A 10 tonne reliable and incompressible service lift

Vauxhall, the General Motors car manufacturing subsidiary - Luton, England

LinkLift elevation system: reliable and incompressible

Repeated reliability issues caused by hydraulic elevation systems led Vauxhall, the General Motors car manufacturing subsidiary, to revise their service lift installation for their Luton (UK) works. The spring effect generated by hydraulic systems when loading and unloading heavy loads damaged the platform entrance edges and the fork lift trucks.

To remedy this problem Vauxhall turned to SERAPID and its LinkLift elevator system, a solution that has been proving its reliability for over 15 years.

The LinkLift chain is incompressible and is therefore devoid of spring effects when loading and unloading the platform: the cabin remains perfectly stable. This property which is unique to LinkLift makes it possible to withstand the impact of a 10 tonne load entering and leaving the elevator without a locking system. The level remains perfect whatever the load distribution on the platform.